“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

~ George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Things To Know As You Shop eBooks


Are you going on a long trip or need something to read after work? You’re probably tempted to pick up an eBook reader and shop eBook specials to fill your reader with lots of new reads. However, before you go crazy and fill your eBook reader and shop eBook from a new exciting author, there are some things you should know before you do.an eBook with their exposure and even rankings on eBook websites. That’s why if you’re going to shop eBook deals, you pay close attention to reviews.


What Else Makes A Book Worth Reading?


If the book has great reviews, then what else makes a book worth reading? Has the book won any awards? You might be picking up a new eBook with a brand-new author so it’s a risk as to whether or not it will be worth your time because they don’t have any other work to base your opinion off of. When you shop eBook deals does the eBook have a nice cover? Sometimes authors put a lot of effort into drawing their own book cover or hiring someone to create a beautiful book cover for them.


Has the author of the book made it sound like it’s something worth reading? What story is the author trying to tell? Oftentimes the premise of the eBook sounds promising but then it’s hard to finish because of poor writing. The reviews may have been good but those reviews were written by people who were the intended target audience. Were you the intended target audience? If a book has great reviews but it doesn’t interest you, then it might not be worth picking up.


Is The Author Important When Picking An eBook?


You need to ask yourself how important it is for you to like an author before picking up an eBook. If you shop eBook sales and see an author who has plenty of reputation, then you’re more likely to pick it up. However, if they’re an author with a bad reputation, then is it worth picking up a book if you don’t agree with the human behind the writing? The book may not represent the individual as a person but would it affect how you view the book?


These are all important questions to ask if you’re going to shop eBook deals so make sure you take everything in before your purchase.

The Top 3 Cheap eBook Readers


If you try to look for a cheap eBook reader, then you might be overwhelmed by the choices available. All you want to do is ready an eBook, how do you know which one is good for you? eBook readers are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Authors are starting to move away from printed books and many publishers have to switch to the digital format if they want to keep their businesses afloat. Even libraries are starting to catch on to the eBook trend by allowing people to rent eBooks digitally.


eBooks are popular because you don’t have to carry around your entire library of books when you go on a plane, enjoying some time on the beach, or just want some alone time in your home. Purchasing eBooks electronically to read on cheap eBook readers allows you the freedom of switching to a different book on the fly if you’re in the mood to read something else. They’re also considerably cheaper than print books allowing you to purchase even more. However, there are just so many cheap eBook readers that it might be intimidating trying to choose one. Let’s take a look at the top 3 cheap eBook readers.


Kindle 9


When in doubt, go with the eBook that everyone already knows about. The Kindle 9 is very compact, light, and has one of the better backlights of all the available cheap eBook readers. The higher contrast screen is the selling point for the Kindle 9 because it can work in basically any light. Even on the brightest of backlights the Kindle 9 is best among the cheap eBook readers for having a good battery life. Unfortunately, if you’re going to read it by the pool, then you need to be careful about getting it wet as one of the major cons of the Kindle 9 is that it is not water-resistant.


Kobo Clara HD


If you’re looking for one of the best cheap eBook readers that bring the library experience into the palm of your hand, then look no further than the Kobo Clara HD. The Kobo Clara HD has a good paperwhite backlight like the Amazon Kindle and has great battery life. Unfortunately, it does not have audiobook support which is one of its major cons compared to the Amazon Kindle. However, if you’re looking for a very basic cheap Ebook reader that lets you borrow instead of buy, then the Kobo Clara HD is the eBook reader for you.


Onyx Boox


The Onyx Boox Pro is an interesting choice as one of the better cheap eBook readers because it is one that has various apps that you can take notes with or draw on as well. It’s not a very bulky eBook reader but it has a good screen size for those who prefer to read magazines and newspapers over conventional eBooks. The Onxy Boox Pro eReader is one of the cheaper ones out there and one of the best battery lives of any of the cheap eBook readers.


These three eBook readers are some of the best but there are others out there for those who are looking for more options. Keep in mind the more features you’re looking for, the pricier it will be, so keep your budget in mind when shopping for cheap eBook readers.

Why Should You Go With Amazon And Kindle Books?


If you’ve heard of Amazon and Kindle Books, then you’ve most likely have heard of Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a service that offers both book lovers and authors a way to connect through eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and other digital media. If you’re already familiar with Amazon and kindle books, is this type of subscription something worth signing up for?


What Exactly Is Kindle Unlimited?


Think of Kindle Unlimited as the Netflix of books. Kindle Unlimited is essentially a streaming service for Amazon and Kindle books. You only need to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to read millions of titles from eBooks to magazines. It’s great for those who don’t want to carry around a lot of books or magazines when they’re on the move or just sitting down at home. Of course, the service is only available on the Amazon Kindle or through their app on the phone. Amazon Kindle Unlimited has a thirty-day free trial if you just want to see what it’s all about. It’s a good idea if you want to see if Kindle Unlimited is worth it before you invest in an Amazon Kindle.


Is An Amazon Kindle A Worthwhile Investment?


An Amazon Kindle is a worthwhile investment for those familiar with Amazon and Kindle books because it’s one of the more reliable eReaders on the market today. The newer Kindle eBooks have an adjustable front light for reading under the bright sun or reading in complete darkness. Not a lot of eReaders have the luxury of that much adjustment with their lights. Oftentimes, you find yourself having to cover an eReader with your hand which breaks up the immersion if you’re just trying to read outside out in the sun.


Having an option for Bluetooth is also good for those who want to listen to audiobooks with a wireless Bluetooth headset or speakers. If you’re getting the cheaper Kindle, then you’re only going to have about 4GB of storage. That’s not a lot if you’re planning on trying to fit multiple audiobooks at once. If you only plan on reading a book for half an hour a day, the battery life can last you about a month. That’s not a bad battery life for those familiar with Amazon and Kindle books.


Is It Worth Getting Kindle Unlimited?


If you’re serious about being a book lover, then you’ll want to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. You should at least try it for the free trial you get when you sign up. $9.99 might not sound much but that’s a lot for some people. If you think about the price tag yearly, it’s $119.98. Unfortunately, the service is not included for Amazon Prime members. It’s a separate service that comes with its own Prime Reading but it does not have as many accessible titles as Kindle Unlimited.


If you want to invest in having access to more books, then you should go with the tried-and-true Amazon and Kindle books with Kindle Unlimited.

Where Are Places To Download eBooks Other Than Amazon?


There are so many different services out there for downloading eBooks that it can be intimidating. There are different devices we can carry around with different ebook services to download eBooks with different services and genres. However, we all know that Amazon is the largest retailer of online books in the world. That’s why the Amazon Kindle platform is so popular. You only pay $9.99 a month for a Kindle Unlimited subscription where you can download eBooks to your heart’s content but some people aren’t fans of Amazon or Amazon’s eReaders. What are some other places to download eBooks other than Amazon?




If you’re not in the United States, then Kobo might be a good option for you as Kobo operates all over the world. Kobo has a relatively large selection. The selection is not as big as Amazon but there’s enough to consider getting one of Kobo’s eReaders such as the Clara HD. The Clara HD is one of Kobo’s better devices that costs about the same as a Kindle. The Clara HD reduces the amount of blue light that emits from the device into your eyes. That means it’s a little more comfortable to read at night. If you’re not a big fan of the Kindle store, then Kobo is the service for you. It’s relatively inexpensive and a great alternative to many of the eReader platforms out there.


Google Play Books


Google Play books are a decent alternative to download eBooks but you’re extremely limited to where you can read it. First of all, Google Play Books is app-based and can only read on Android or Google devices. Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded onto the PC so it’s not good for those who don’t own the devices the app is meant for. However, it has one of the largest selections of eBooks you can find anywhere. There are over 5 million eBook titles with Google Play Books so there’s no shortage of reading material. It might not be the most visually pleasing interface but it’s relatively easy to navigate. It doesn’t set itself apart from other services where you can download eBooks but it’s a good alternative to Amazon.


Barnes And Noble Nook Store


Barnes and Noble Nook Store is tied to the same brick-and-mortar bookstore that is still operating to this day due to their ability to adapt to changing times. The Barnes and Noble Nook store is a good place to download eBooks because it has thousands of free titles. You don’t pay a subscription-like you would with the Kindle Unlimited, so you have to purchase the books through the store itself. That means you’ll be supporting the store directly. The Barnes and Noble Nook Store might be a little better off if it did have a subscription-based service to download as many eBooks as you wanted but it is a decent alternative to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for those who aren’t fans of Amazon.


There are plenty of places to download eBooks. eBooks make it easy for us to travel and still bring a library of reading material with us. Which one is your favorite?



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What you need to know before you get to eBook Reading


As Jojen indicates, ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies while on the other hand, the man who never reads lives only one.’ Amazing! Why this dispersion between these two ends? All is because of books reading.


The main reason as to this is so as any book reader experiences many lives he encounters in the book. As a matter of fact, this creates different experiences without having to experience them by yourself.


It is said that if you need to avoid many mistakes in your life, then read books. There is much more than opening a page and flipping more. The content in these books is what is responsible for bringing the difference.


With this, it is so fascinating to keep reading different books now and then to ensure that you have different experiences.


To the surprise, the digital world has so far been an inevitable thing, and ebooks are now the story of the day. You don’t need to carry with you a pile of books all along. With the current digital world, you just need an all ebook reader, and then you will be ready to enjoy reading books all at the comfort of your hand.


Though ebook stores have increased immensely, here at ebookstore360.com, we ensure that you get the best experience all through your reading. Here is all that you need to know for the ebook readers and those aspiring to read ebooks in the future.


Do I need an ebook Reader?


Well, an ebook reader is an electronic device similar to a tablet which is highly portable. However, the primary purpose of an ebook reader is usually in reading periodicals and ebooks. Though they are similar to tablets, they have better screen readability on the electronic paper to ensure that your eyes are well protected and increasing readability even in bright sunlight. In addition to this, they have longer battery life in comparison to a tablet, meaning that you can read as many books as possible with one full charge. As a matter of fact, an ebook reader’s battery can last in weeks.


Here are some of the reasons you need an ebook reader:

  • • Avoid piling up books such as when you are travelling long distances hence you might require many books. With an ebook reader, you will be sure to have all you need in just one ebook reader.

  • • Accessing your books within no time. An e-reader will enhance convenience through which you can easily access books without difficult such as manual searching of a book in your library. To find your book, you can easily search it within seconds.

  • • You will save much time through the use of E-readers as you can use them anywhere. You can keep reading your books even while on queues without having to carry a big book along with you.

  • • Convenience in accessing the books you need any time is superb. You don’t need to visit a physical bookstore for you to get the new book in the market. You can access your book within a few clicks and get reading which saves you much time.

  • • Additional features such as dictionary which assist you to comprehend the author’s intention better rather than presuming what the intended meaning was. Furthermore, E-readers are an amazing choice in enjoying better services such as playing games and watching videos as well.

  • • Ease in sharing books with your family and friends enhances the use of E-readers rather than the use of physical books. You can easily share the book to your friends through which you can read together without having to wait for each other’s turn.

Cheap Ebook Readers


When moving to have your books on an E-reader, you will have to own it one for yourself. Nevertheless, I must be sure that you are looking to saving the budget in your pocket as you foregone the physical books.


Most companies in the E-reader space advertise the most expensive e-readers which leave you wondering whether you will own one. Most people want to have an e-reader though they cannot afford such prices.


Nevertheless, we provide you with the best cheap ebook readers whose quality is unquestionable. Some of the few cheap ebook readers you will find include:

  1. 1. Amazon Kindle Fire eBook Reader – This is one of the best ebook readers though it is one of the cheapest ebook readers you will find. With a budget of $41, you will find it and possess it for the use in the future reading of ebooks with much ease.
  2. 2. Kobo Aura eBook Reader - This is another one of the cheap ebook readers for optimal book reading with much ease. As a matter of fact, it just costs $10 to have one of this hence making it very cheap.

Though the features differ, you need to ensure you get what you love best. With the wide variety of ebook readers from the ebookstore360.com, you are sure to have your best today. Check-in through the different varieties and have your best today.


Shopping Ebooks


Rather than purchasing physical books which could be tiresome to move with along and challenging to read as well, it is now optimal to shop ebooks.


The fascinating thing about shopping ebooks is that you can do it at the comfort of your home with a click of a button only. Ebookstore360.com provides you with the amazon and kindle books you might need. Furthermore, it as well provides you with all different types of books you will need on different genres.


To find a book easily at ebookstore360.com, first, know its classification and then find your classification easily in the list of the pinpointed classifications. On getting the ebook you love most, you can then download it in any form you love, such as a PDF book. Within no time, you will get into reading without any struggle.




With the best choices around, you can go an extra mile in expanding your knowledge area through reading books just at the comfort of your e-reader. Ebooks save you much time and give you convenience in reading books without having to pile huge sizes of books together.


Though there are many bookstores you will find online, ebookstore360.com gives you an amazing experience. Check it today and experience the amazing world of books.