The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Flights

Is there a system or set of “hacks” that will take ALL the stress out of booking and get you the cheapest flights possible, EVERY SINGLE TIME?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

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How To Work In The Travel Industry


Welcome to How To Work In Travel, the definitive guide to how the
travel industry works and how you can land a job in travel.
As a seasoned tourism executive currently working for a major
international tourism board, I will introduce all facets of the
travel industry to you in step-by-step, easy to digest detail.

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Save On Airfare


I was a hard-working travel agent for many years before they
fired me for sticking it up to them! Now, I'm out for revenge with
my own explosive guide on how you can finally gain an
edge over the airlines and travel the world for less!

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